The Importance Of Visiting A Dermatologist In Melbourne

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It is well known that visiting a dermatologist in Melbourne is important. The dermatologist in Melbourne is a highly regarded figure and one that should rightfully be revered. It is no secret that Australia holds a ridiculously high rate of skin cancer, exacerbated by a large hole in the Ozone layer (the shield in our atmosphere that protects us from the Sun’s UV rays) and our lax lifestyle of 8 hour days lazing at the beach. The Melbournian’s laid back reputation is one of envy, but also one for concern, as the hot summer rays shine on the mostly unshaded and freely spaced streets of the city. The importance of regularly seeing and checking up with the best dermatologist in Melbourne cannot be understated.


Why are rates of skin cancer so high?

Within Australia, 2 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed with Skin Cancer by the age of 70. To understand the constant advertisements and government reminders to ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’, wear long sleeves and regularly check in with the local neighborhood dermatology clinic, we have to understand why the skin cancer rates in Australia are so high. The Ozone layer, specifically above Australia, has been ever so slightly decreasing since the 1960s. In these modern times, the Ozone layer is thinned in its mid-latitudinal position, right above Australia. This leads to an increased rate of UV rays reaching Australia. Then, our lifestyle of beach-going, surfing and day-long family and friends parties in the waves, combined with the increase in UV rays leads to a much higher rate of Skin Cancer, compared to the global average. With the population of Melbourne nearing 5 million (2018), it is safe to assume a large number of those at risk of Skin Cancer are those within Melbourne, highlighting the importance of seeing a Dermatologist in Melbourne regularly.


Why is dermatologist important?

Dermatology is a branch of medical science that focuses on researching, diagnosis and treatment of the skin, hair, nails and scalp. Dermatologists in Melbourne focus specifically on treatment to do with Acne, Eczema, scars, hair loss, and of course, skin cancer diagnosis and treatment. The regular visitation or screening by a dermatologist in Melbourne allows you to find early signs of skin cancer, as well as allowing your skin to be treated for any aesthetic issues and keep your skin cared for. If there are issues with your skin, the dermatologist in Melbourne can recommend treatment and help you find the best course of action to resolve these issues, and advocate the best specialist for your specific problem.


So why is the dermatologist in Melbourne important?

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When thinking of Melbourne, many would assume it is a bustling city of restaurants and pubs, and that cities within Australia concerning Skin Cancer would be the Gold Coast and Sydney. What many don’t realise is the vast range of Melbourne’s landscape, and the misguided notion that somehow Melbournians are not as susceptible to Skin Cancer as its brother Cities, the Gold Coast and Sydney. This underestimation of the Sun would be as Melbourne does not have the same beach-going reputation of the other cities; however, this only highlights the importance of visiting the dermatologist in Melbourne. The population of Melbourne in 2018 was 4.936 million, compared to the Gold Coast of 620,518. The vast difference in population already statistically suggests higher rates of skin cancer within Melbourne, and although the reputation of the Gold Coast includes the beaches, this can lead to a higher number of Melbournian’s not being sun safe. The importance of regularly seeing the dermatologist in Melbourne is irrefutable, and should not be callously disregarded, just because Melbourne does not share the same reputation as other cities. Besides the obvious risks of Skin cancer, it is also worth mentioning the various other issues that form with age and time, which include Acne, Eczema, wrinkles and other forms of skin damage. These can be easily prevented and/or treated with proper guidance from a dermatologist in Melbourne, and the difference aesthetically is night and day, between those who see a dermatologist in Melbourne regularly and are treated through their life, compared to those who disregard this notion.